Art Handling Olympics: Real Art World Heroes

03.23.10 Marina Galperina

In case you missed the amazing feats of the Art Handling Olympics last Sunday, there were races with cardboard boxes on wheels, whiskey shots and dumpling gulps. Then, some speed leveling of Hang in There Kitties and a lead painting “Static Hold” for a cruel German curator (“Nien! Lower! Higher!”). Speed packaging of art (MC Shane Caffrey: “It looks like they’re packing a piece of garbage into another piece of garbage!”) and assemblage (Judge Carlo McCromick: “Your Christo influence is derivative but subversive!”) followed. Overall, it was a sweaty soup of sadism, sarcasm, comradery, beer, tattoos, beards, biceps and some of the most on-point art world criticism you’d ever hear. 

See some disambiguation of antics with AFC coverage, more. Let’s do this again next year!

Lead Image features Paul Outlaw of the Well Hung team, all images: Marina Galperina