sex_exhibit (by ANIMALNewYork)

Alexander Esguerra’s “It’s Just Sex” isn’t really just sex. All the paint swirls and strokes are the artistic product of long sex sessions, which apparently involved some maneuvering. The “Literal Expressionism” art action brings together diverse couples, smothers them in paint, and gives them a canvas on which to consummate their affectionate friendships, anniversaries and adulteries.

Though the art-making took place in private, a making-of documentary featuring intimate interviews further celebrates our grand, cross-cultural unifier – doing it. The official one night launch will commence at 676 Broadway on May 21st, but be sure to stop by Gallery Bar for cheap drinks and a raffle – you may just win dibs on taking home one of the canvases.

“It’s Just Sex,”Alexander Esguerra, May 22, 667 Broadway, NYC (With live DJs Electric Slim and DJ MSB)