Artist Doesn’t Expect Vandals to Destroy His Mural

11.29.10 Bucky Turco

This weekend, I stopped by Houston Street and briefly spoke to Kenny Scharf while he took a quick break from painting his mural, which wasn’t sketched out beforehand. “I started with the red nose, and then just started filling in the spaces,” he said. The whole piece should be finished by no later than Tuesday and when asked if he thought graffiti writers would vandalize it, Scharf didn’t sound too worried.

“No, I’m not Shepard Fairey. Not to knock him or anything, but I’m not putting up wallpaper made safely in a studio.” In the event that someone does tag it, the art world veteran said he would fix it, assuming he’s around as he’ll be traveling over the next few months. “If I’m in town, sure. But I’m not going to fly out special.” (Photo: ANIMALNewYork)