Have you ever heard of Herb Brown? He’s kind of like the Lenny Bruce of the art world. Back when he was creating work in the 60s, he violated all sorts of obscenity laws and was even banned by the Leo Castelli Gallery. Anyhow, now he’s in his 80s and may finally be getting the recognition he deserves. Tonight (between 5-8PM), the BLT Gallery is showcasing some of Brown’s previously censored work that includes graphic imagery painted over advertisements and subway posters as well as video installations. Click the above gallery to preview some of his NSFW art and jump for the video interview that firmly establishes dude’s street cred. Hint: It involves the NYPD.

“Herb Brown: Paintings and Video Works from the 1960s,” Jan 28 – Apr 1, BLT Gallery, 270 Bowery, NYC