ht_Guerineau3_100422_mn“Guerrilla” artist Pascal Guérineau had cunningly fixed his own painting on the wall between two dead masters’ work at the Louvre. It hung there until the next day, when someone finally noticed and confiscated it. “Museums are cemeteries for artists,” Guérineau stated, protesting the lack of contemporary work in the Louvre.

The skulls in Guérineau’s vanitas “Les Oubliés” (“The Forgotten”) commented on art museums’ stuffy curational practices that prevent young artists from any careers. He denied this being a publicity stunt, as he gets enough of it as a successful artist: “I don’t need that. It’s rather a rant.”

Last month, he placed a painting at the Musée Maillol. This impressed them enough that the museum has launched a website to help promote contemporary artists and new work. |ABC News|