Playing the part of “Monica Blake,” ex tennis phenom and champion of the Alberquerue Open, the slutty star (here are her tits) of “My Name Is Earl” displays the scrubbing power of the Axe Detailer on a variety of balls. It’s yet another faux informercial—which is becoming the rote online video mode of choice for uncreative ad creatives.

First off, the “Detailer” is a fucking prissy loofah, which—other than Bill O’Reilly and The Jersey Shore mooks—appeals to men…how? Go ahead, watch the stupid video. There are a couple mildly funny gags, including a man throwing his ball sack to Pressly, and host “Denese Saintclaire” playing with a couple of clean golf balls for about 15 silent seconds. The actual point of the informercial is to promote a free Detailer offer. And of course, Axe desperately hopes the video goes viral, passed amongst all the Maxim subscribers and Ed Hardy fans. |Video via: Ypsilon2|