Showerpooling! Personally, I’d like Axe and their Canadian ad agency Zig Toronto to please return the energy used to create this video back to our dying Earth. Jump to watch and not laugh at Axe’s mocking our planet’s dwindling water supply, and scratch your head at Axe’s specious math.

After I finished slapping my knees from the water park and synchronized swimming jokes, I rewatched the video to calculate Showerpooling’s claimed water savings. Five people taking a shower together would not use 1/5 of the water, unless four of the people, you know, didn’t actually soap up and rinse off. YES, I know the video is “tongue-in-cheek.” But if you’re going to not be serious, then please be funny. And you’re AXE: so how bout four real half-naked chicks cleaning a guy’s dirty balls with your girlie loofah, instead of cheap animation?