Banksy Documentary At Sundance Executive Produced By Banksy Associate

01.21.10 Bucky Turco


The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Banksy documentary, “Exit Through the Giftshop,” is premiering on Sunday night as part of the Sundance Film Festival’s “Spotlight Surprise.” It was executive produced by Banksy’s high ranking associate, Holly Cushing, who coordinated his very profitable show in LA, headed Pest Control, managed the Lazarides Gallery, and scolded this guy for using the artist’s images in some video.
Photo: fragilecow

A company called Cinetic Media is reportedly trying to negotiate a multimillion dollar deal with a major distributor which could explain all the recent promotional artwork popping up in both Park City and Salt Lake City.
Photo: trentcall
Whether or not it’s really his work is still a mystery though and this latest billboard in Salt Lake City only complicates things, as Banksy is known to hire commercial companies to paint ads for him. Did his camp contract someone to do all the other stencils as well? Some aficionados have noted how badly done some of the images are. This could also dishearten some fans: “U.K. crop circle hoaxter John Lundberg was said to be enlisted by Banksy for stealth promotion.”

It should also be noted that Park City Police Capt. Rick Ryan was contacted by festival officials about the artist/film and was assured that Banksy would not be doing the work, but there could be copycats. The Desert News reports:

“We specifically talked about this film and this artist and that he had committed to not be involved in graffiti and that we would probably have copycats,” Ryan said. “At this point, we really don’t know if it’s the actual artist or copycats.”

Still, there is a glimmer of hope that he did the work himself, since his website has been updated with the new work. Anyway, you can watch the trailer below which is apparently more of a mocumentary of despised street artist Mr. Brain Wash than it is a documentary on Banksy.