Banksy Just As Shocked As Us At How Retarded Brainwash Fans Are

04.09.10 Bucky Turco

Banksy_Movie_Rat With the U.S. release of his documentary approaching, Banksy did an interview with LA Weekly and discussed the film, Mr. Brainwash and the epically fucked art world (and fans) that have validated MBW. A monster of his own making, Banky still appears to be stunned at Thierry Guetta’s shockingly meteoric rise, which he played a big part in: “His art sells for roughly double what mine does these days. Gore Vidal once wrote that ‘Every time a friend of mine succeeds, a little bit of me dies.’ I’d amend that to ‘Every time one of my friends borrows my ideas, mounts a huge art show and becomes a millionaire celebrity,’ a little bit of me wants him dead.”

Shepard Fairey, who also mock-endorsed MBW’s LA show with an ironically lukewarm statement on the artist’s behalf, had the following to say about him: “Mr. Brainwash is all public perception, and that’s what gets him off the hook. He couldn’t get away with what he does if the public didn’t buy into it, and that says a lot about popular culture, new technology and perhaps the art world in general, which is what Banksy’s getting at.”

He then rightly notes how even LA Weekly bought into it just as bad as the speculators: “[I]t was an injustice that the only street-art cover story the Weekly ever chose to do was the one on his show. Pop art was never a bad word to me until I saw Thierry’s show in L.A.” |LA Weekly|