Banksy Just Gave Voina A lot of Money and Attention

12.13.10 Marina Galperina

This weekend, Banksy released a record edition of prints — a total of 175 — and instantly sold out of them. He’s donating all $125,000 of the proceeds to Voina’s legal defense fund. Two pivotal members of Russia’s radical activist art group are currently facing 7 years in prison for their turning over a cop car in an art protest. Banksy is a big fan of Giant Galactic Space Dick — Voina’s drawbridge graffiti anti-corruption bomb aimed at the authorities.
Voina artist Alexei Plutser-Sarno, currently in exile in Estonia, is happy for Banksy’s support and the attention. Oleg Vorotnikov, 35, and Leonid Nikolayev, 27, were arrested with plastic bags over their heads and beaten and are still in custody. The rest are in hiding, for now. For more info go to en.free-voina.org and here.

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