Be Thankful for Your Student Loans

11.24.10 Lauri Apple

On the heels of the TwoHundredThou.com gal comes word that a doctor in Ohio owes more than twice that–$555,000, to be exact. She just needs to look on the bright side.

Student loan debt grounds you–it keeps you real, and keeps you humble. With a six-figure debt load, you’re more likely not to go wild and crazy with the spending, which will protect you from becoming a stereotype for Europeans to make fun of. It keeps you awake at night, so you have time to pursue various hobbies. And nobody will take it away from you, which can be as comforting as a plate of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole on a cold November day. |WSJ|

More National:

  • Deep packet inspection is making a comeback. You don’t want this–it’s like pornoscanning your Internet use. |WSJ|
  • So far 4,419 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq, and 1,385 in Afghanistan. Dick Cheney’s had about as many heart attacks and is doing just fine, though. |NYT|
  • A Minnesota lawmaker Thomas Hackbarth was caught with a concealed handgun in a Planned Parenthood parking lot. He told cops he was there to find a woman he’d met online, and that “he always carries his fully loaded gun.” Thomas Hackbarth is a unique person. |Star-Tribune|
  • Looking for work? President Obama is reconfiguring his economics team. Send in your resume. |NY Times|
  • Wikileaks might be leaking again very soon. |Daily Caller|
  • Female and fertile? Don’t move to Wisconsin: Governor-elect Scott Walker is a right-wing nut job who doesn’t even want you to have birth control. Let’s call him the Cheesehead Taliban. |RHRealityCheck.org|


  • Two contractors have been lying about hiring minority and women subcontractors and can look forward to paying out big-time. They could have paid that money to women and minorities, but they are dumb jerks. |NY Observer|
  • Three new balloons will debut at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tomorrow: the Mama Grizzly, the Four Loko Monster, and a Kanye West head.|NY1|
  • You can buy your baby a Keith Haring bib at the Duane Reade, or wait for the Jean-Michel Basquiat bib. |Racked|
  • Here’s a video of the NYCHA Senior Chorus. |NYC in Focus|
  • NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is now on FourSquare. If she becomes “mayor” of the City Hall, won’t that be a little awkward? |Twitter|