Here’s the fresh, first trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s The Swan complete with ballerina melodrama, snippets of crazy and a split second lez smooch.

And the plot unveils through a series of jagged quick-cuts: Portman’s haggardly heroine gets really jealous of Mila Kunis which leads to neurotic pirouettes, a case of the brain itchies and full-blown delirium, which all lead to avian metamorphosis, homicide, suicide and lesbianism of yet uncertain degree which all may or may not be real…

It’s All About Eve meets Fight Club in a tutu with monsters.

Are you psychologically thrilled yet?

PS: So that’s the kiss that had Natalie Portman “terrified” and living “in a state of inner terror,” while she was a-okay sliding around butt-naked on a greasy Jason Schwartzman? Meh.