Remember the episode of The Office when the ‘Nard Dog couldn’t remember the product name from the Kit Kat jingle? Well, I just wanted to put that tune in your mind to get you hankering for those créme-filled chocolate wafers. Are ya hankering? Now, make sure you’ve got a garbage can handy to boot into as you watch this video from Greenpeace UK.

Yummy syrupy cherry filling! It’s a pretty lame parody of the actual Kit Kat spots, and like with many 60 second-spots, it should have a been :30 which would have made it more shocking. Anyway, the organization says that Kit Kat maker Nestlé gets their palm oil from companies that are destroying Indonesia’s rain forest, which is consequently edging the orangutan towards extinction. More info here. So, switch to carob bars, and help save some great apes, I guess. |Video: osocio|