chicken1-thumb Even wonder what finance dudes do on a Friday afternoon when it’s too cold to venture outside onto the frozen tundra of downtown NYC Chicago for a manly steak or some over-priced sushi? Well, according to tipster who works for a big Wall Street firm, they hold Chicken McNugget eating contests, naturally.

Here’s the text of an email we received alerting us to the shenanigans:

Apparently there’s a huge bet at Calyon today that some guy on the trading floor’s gotta eat 60 chicken mcnuggets in 20 minutes and hold em down for 10 minutes after without throwing up… he’s eaten 37 so
far and has 12 minutes left.

Everyone on the floor is betting on it and they say the pot has hit $25k but I don’t believe that (he doesn’t
get that if he wins, they are all just betting against each other).

I’ll keep you posted.

What’s most interesting about this is that there’s only 25k in the betting pool to see if the guy can eat and keep the McNuggets down. In the good ole days there’d be at least 100k involved. Sigh.

We put in an email to Calyon for comment but they have yet to respond.

UPDATE: He did it! Reports our tipster:

He did it in 14 minutes and won $500. There were numerous other side bets (over/under, etc.) totaling approx $10,000 across the floor.

Well, you know, you just gotta do something to break the monotony of playing around with other people’s money all day, right?