Investigative multimedia artist Brian Conley’s upcoming show at the Boiler delves into fantasy and reality of violence, documentation and group behavior. His toy soldiers in model Iraq reenact real battles, as informed by dice and factual variations from the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and Iraqi bloggers. Born of the Las Vegas Games Expo, Conley’s Gulliverian show and expert participation explore “the collision of entertainment and suffering.” The board, game-play recording and molten trooper head-shots are exhibited alongside news source video, which should give more consequence to the myths of war than fingering a game console to explode foreign heads. On March 6th, in a performance with the East Coast Historical Gaming Miniatures Society (they’re real), Conley does Afghanistan, live.

“Miniature War In Iraq…and Now Afghanistan,” Feb 12 — Mar 21, the Boiler, 191 N. 14th St, Williamsburg