coinBeriah Wall has left hundreds of thousands of hand-stamped ceramic tokens on ledges, counters and palms of passerby since the ’70s. Taking an “intimate” approach to art, Wall can make 2,000 coins a week in his basement in Red Hook.

From NYC, the tad cryptic, inedible candy grams have ended up all over the world (available by request, by bucket and car load). Stamped on both sides, the word play ranges from cute “Razzle/Dazzle” to political “Palestine/Israel,” with Wall’s recent focus being quite timely – “Stuck in/Brkln” and “In come/Out come.”

I’ve never found one. But, like Jan Vormann’s short-lived Lego wall-crack fillings, art bits teem in certain city corners. Your mystery coin or possible public art hidden in plain view discovery stories are welcome. |NYT|