Bubblewrap Was Harmed In The Making Of This Commercial

05.26.10 Copyranter


Although NYC Health ÜberNanny Thomas Frieden—and his cancer tumor matchbooks—has moved on to run the national CDC, his replacement, Thomas Farley, has comfortably stepped into Frieden’s nurse shoes, proposing a ridiculous ban on smoking in public parks.

His boss, Mayor Benito Bloomberg would, if he had his druthers, snatch lit cigs right out of passing New Yorkers mouths. So it’s not surprising that the City has gone all the way to Australia to import their latest anti-smoking spot.

Everybody loves bubblewrap! Stop burning the bubbles—that’s fewer for us to pop. Check out the effect put on the voiceover to make the man sound more MENACING. The spot, scheduled to run in English and Spanish through June 13th, was originally produced Down Under for Quit Victoria. It’s pretty tame and lame, Bloomie.  If you could get away with it, I bet you’d prefer to run this graphic Australian spot.