buju_banton_mug_shot A highly respected law professor and defense attorney told the Jamaica Observer that Buju Banton is going to have a hard time proving an entrapment plea, but he may want to reconsider his position in light of some new information about the federal informant who is central to the government’s case. Buju’s legal shaman and lawyer David Markus asked the prosecutor for more information on the informant. As it turns out, this dude has made a career out if and according to the Tampa Tribune, has been paid “$3.3 million for helping law enforcement in numerous cases over several years.” That’s drug dealer money, no wonder he decided to switch sides. Here’s some other things to keep in mind about this guy:

He gets a salary and a bonus: $35,000 for this case and a cut of forfeiture money.

He used to sell coke but was busted and a convicted “in a case that brought a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 10 years.”

It in his blood. He’s from Colombia but is now enjoying the fruits of the U.S. after being given “immigration status after law enforcement requested it.”

Sometimes he lies, “in one case, a judge questioned his credibility.”

He’s got tax problems and “is involved in a tax dispute with the IRS.”

He is a team player and “has worked with the prosecutor in Myrie’s case for more than 10 years.”