Today marks the third day of Buju Banton’s drug trial and so far the score is Buju: 2, Babylon: 1. Things got off to a good start on Monday when DEA Agent Daniel McCaffrey admitted that he couldn’t find any evidence that the dancehall artist had made any money from selling cocaine. Then yesterday, the defense faced a few setbacks as the feds played audio of Buju talking to professional informant Alexander Johnson about buying cocaine and showed video of him testing it with a knife. But not all was bad.

Under cross examination, attorney David Oscar Markus successfully painted a picture of Johnson as a desperate man who is deep in debt and despite the millions he’s made entrapping people for the DEA, owes $100,000 in taxes. He also got him to admit, that none of Buju’s money funded the kilos of blow he is accused of distributing, not one dime. This morning, Bob Marley’s son, Stephen, testified on Buju’s behalf, calling him the “voice of the people” in Jamaica who never discusses drug dealing.