Buy PowerBall Ticket—Become Giant Idiot

06.01.10 Copyranter


All you need is a dollar and a dream…and a shrink ray. I guess this guy is the antithesis to Brett Gelman, aka the annoying, creepy Take-Five Mr. little bit of luck? Because to win PowerBall of course, you need to carry a talisman made from God’s flesh. Everybody watch this new spot and somebody please explain the logic to me.

I mean, it’s a cool set and production, and it’s kinda interesting to see how many NYC landmarks you can ID in one viewing. But, why would buying a lottery ticket—a ticket that is, statistically, a receipt for throwing a dollar away—make me feel a thousand feet tall? Have you ever stood in a NYC lottery ticket line? The folks look very far from happy. I guess I’m just not enough of a dreamer. I froze it on the Village Cinema marque to see if it held any clues—nothing. If the embiggened dude does win, and he decides to buy the Statue of Liberty, at least he’ll be able to carry it away. Spot by DDB New York.