alice Seems like foreign artists are more on top of city repairs than the city. First, a German artist lego-ed up our wall cracks and now a merry Canadian duo are drawing attention to dangerous NYC potholes by staging photographed fantasies narratively around some of our concrete craters.

Artists Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca of┬áhave snapped photos around Montreal and LA with potholes as set to various ludicrousness, from baby christening baths to beer coolers to doggie graves. Following up their vastly unhygienic spaghetti meal from a Greenwich Village pothole (originally planned for Little Italy, which could have been kind of… awkward), they’ve moved on to the 30th Street with an Alice in Wonderland tribute. A touch of transplanted spindly-tree to hop on that Burton train, and viola… amusement. |NBC|