Cannes opening ceremonies were last night, but let’s get to the meat of the fest. While others are concerned about who wore what and grumbling over the chasm between art house and blockbuster film in this year’s selection, we’ve just got some trailers.

Here’s a mini hodgepodge of what you may expect to be distributed/pirated this year. Browse as you will. If you’ve got something to add (or want something added), comment. Here’s the Cannes 2010 official selection list.

Jorge Michel Grau, Somos Lo Que Hay (We Are What We Are), Director’s Fortnight
It’s a Mexican cannibal drama. It has been compared to Let the Right One In. It’s smarting up the horror genre, but not sparing any gore.

Gilles Marchand, L’autre Monde (Black Heaven), Out of Competition
Psychological techno thriller. Suicide, virtual frolic, dangerous vixens – the works.

Lucy Walker, Countdown to Zero, Special Screening
Nuclear weapons doc. Did you know the Cold War never ended?

Olivier Assayas, Carlos, Out of Competition
A five and a half hour film on Ilich Ramirez Sanchez – because, apparently, it takes five and a half hours to depict the life of a revolutionary international terrorist who manipulated the world’s history. (Sorry, no trailer subtitles yet.)

Jean-Luc Godard, Film Socialisme, Un Certain Regard
His latest film. For those that care, this needs no explanation (explanation here).