Often times, we forget that celebrities are capable of doing heroic things. Yesterday, Clifford Harris, otherwise known as T.I., successfully talked a suicide jumper down from a roof in Hotlanta on Wednesday.

According to Atlanta police, T.I. “just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” but other reports say he heard about the man on the radio, and decided to drive over and help. Whatever the case, this could be one of the most ingenious PR stunts ever thought of. Sure, “leaked” homemade porn is fun, but so overdone; and feigning a mental illness is good, but Joaquin Phoenix sort of ruined that for everyone. Saving people’s lives is where it’s at.

Clifford reportedly talked calmly with the man and told him that “life’s not that bad,” and he agreed to come down after the authorities promised him a meeting with the rapper. After talking with T.I. about how great T.I.’s life is, the man was whisked away to the Grady Memorial Hospital and put under psychological supervision, never to talk to the star again (unless strategic photo-ops call for it).

T.I. will be going to court tomorrow to see how badly he’s going to get fucked for violating his parole via a highly publicized minor drug bust last month, but after he saved a man’s life, what kind of assholes would they be if they did that? Pro-suicide assholes, that’s what.