CBGB Bathroom to be Recreated in a Fancy Connecticut Museum

05.19.10 Marina Galperina

bathroomInstallation artist Justin Lowe is will recreate CBGB’s legendary bathroom this summer. Four gallery rooms of Hartford’s Wadsworth Atheneum will become nostalgic echoes of the stinking, stickered, tagged and memorabilia-encrusted facilities.

Justin Lowe has previously recreated a meth lab at Deitch Projects in 2009 and a drug front bodega at Oliver Kamm/5BE in 2006. Come June, Lowe transplants the CBGB bathroom doppelgänger into the posh museum. Wadsworth was the first museum to host a Surrealism exhibit in 1931 and is a former Dali-n-friends hangout. The installation will probably be somewhere between a replica and an interpretation, but to give the Connecticut museum visitors a nostalgic whiff of CBGB, Lowe’s better install some authentic olfactory features.

Original site of CBGB is now a lame store, but the catacomb of NYC’s punk culture is preserved online at BravadoUSA, where you virtually stumble out the bathrooms and into an eerily empty interior. Then there’s always YouTube... I know it hurts, but you’ll have to let go sometime. |WSJ|