Not that I’m at all bitter sitting here in the creatives’ studio of my agency, writing fucking taglines for an IT consultancy. Why would I have wanted to be on this stupid, messy shoot for French jewelry retailer KissMyZombie? Oh lookie: a pillow fight with scantily-clad 19-year-old girls. How Lewis & Clark trailblazing.

The video is called “Look Book,” and the responsible Paris agency is Le Bruit (Noise). There’s also a fascinating “making of” video. The track is titled “Slow Disco” (T.B.S. Remix) by an Israeli band called Izabo. Here’s their myspace page. Their brand of “Psychedelic Rock, Disco, Punk and Arabic spices” gave me an instant headache. OK, back to my taglines: “We put the YOU in IT.” Considering vodka before noon (seriously). |Video: Scary Ideas|