China’s leading artist and Bird’s Nest consultant, Ai Weiwei, was attacked by the police for trying to file a report about the last time he was beaten into a cerebral hemorrhage by the cops.

Earlier, Ai publicly blamed the death toll of the May 2008 earthquake on shoddy construction of grade schools and government corruption. The police detained the outspoken artist and beat him. Injured, he was unable to testify as a witness at a dissident’s trial.

Recently, he attempted to file a report on the incident, was given the bureaucratic run-around instead and then attacked again by officers outside the station. Ai explains,

Some undercover police tore our shirts and tried to grab our cameras. There were maybe 10 of them. They pushed and kicked us. Now we are being attacked because we complained about last time. It is so ironic.

Ai goes on to conclude:

China’s judicial system is totally corrupt and paralyzed. Even with a case that people internationally know, they don’t give a shit.

(Photo: Ai in Munich for surgery.)