blunt_wraps First an item of clarification. Blunts suck, there’s really no reason to buy a cigar (White Owl, Phillies, Dutch, or otherwise), cut it open, and then re-roll it into a toxic joint that’s not even meant to be inhaled in the first place. Blunt wraps on the other hand, are a tobacco paper specifically made for smoking that taste better, burn healthier, and don’t have nearly as much waste. Now to the controversy: a crazy pastor from Chicago is calling for a state wide ban on them.

Bishop Larry Trotter is advocating a bill that would classify blunt wraps as drug paraphernalia and make them illegal. Why? Cause they’re turning the kids into junkies:

We need to stop people from bringing things and making them available to our children and making them drug addicts.

Yeah, like prescription pills and wine in church! But more importantly, does Bishop Trotter really think he’s going to stamp out weed smoking by outlawing blunt wraps? Won’t that only be effective if rolling papers, cigars, and apples are also made illegal?