In the wake of the whole Conan/Leno/NBC shitshow that erupted at the end of last week, Conan appears to have three main options now that the dust has settled somewhat.

He could, a) tell NBC to go fuck itself and walk away and do nothing for the next four years while still collecting $20-million a year contractally owed to him by NBC, b) move to a different network where NBC would have to pay whatever difference in salary he were to sign for, or c) he can just bite the bullet and move back to the midnight timeslot where he’d follow Leno’s horrible show.

Personally, I kind of hope he signs to do a show with Fox for the next for years for a salary of $1 per year, thereby forcing NBC to pay $20-million per year to have him host a show on a competitor’s network. That’d be fucking hilarious if you ask me. |Vulture and TMZ|