In this week’s edition of This vs. That Left: M.I.A.‘s new video full of old web junk, Story To Be Told. Right: nausea-inducing junkyard of html gibberish on that’s puzzled many a visitor. They’re similar, but they’re not. Let’s find out WTF they really are! is a mystery. It’s the “worst. site. ever!” according to Digg and “one of those really crazy sites of the internets, looks like somebody had too much drugs/time on their side” according to Reddit. But look to the top right of the pounding webpage’s text/image orgy and there’s a menu. There’s a link to Skeleton Sweep – a glorious “podcast for field recording and transparent audio.” The primo sound art series stitches together ice fishing recordings, breathing machines and noise so well, you can actually listen to it… for hours! The mastermind behind all that is an artist, Michael Guidetti. Yup. It’s art.

Now then. M.I.A. MAYA /\/\/\Y/\ is really into webby stuff right now (Pretty in XXXO). Her video for Story Be Told is appropriately vomiting faux CAPTCHA and olde ’90s web crap, to match the over-loaded production of the track. Let’s give the girl props for not pretending to invent this stuff and letting the pros handle it: She had do the video. It’s a global chat room, kind of like an image-only, less malignant 4chan. So… In a way, it’s art too.

So the crazy bad code chaos in both? Just a medium. Mysteries solved?