Cyborg Animals Will Terminate Us All

02.05.10 Copyranter

Ignoring the terrible Photoshop of these latest cases of Photoshop Animal Abuse, let’s instead try to examine the animal logic of this WWF “help protect the future of endangered species” campaign by some agency called “Dtoxsign” from the island nation of Maurutius. I’m all for protecting animals, but not at all costs. Does this mean if I donate, my money will fund evil scientists at a Cyberdyne Systems-like corporation? I can’t find a website for Dtoxsign—are they in fact a secret robot organization hell-bent on eliminating the human race? Will these future-parakeets still eat crackers? Will any cage hold them? Is this Friday, and am I tired and desperately trying to make sense out of this stupid angle I’ve chosen? |Images via: BestAdsOnTV|