bellaA former owner of a 15th-century ‘da Vinci’ valued at $150,000,000 is suing Christie’s. She claims that the drawing was negligently misrepresented as a 19th-century German picture and sold for $17,000, less than 0.01% of its potential worth, in July. She wants full compensation. Can Christie’s afford it? The auction house raked in $335.54 million last Tuesday, its highest total since 2006, mostly because of their record sale of the ‘Eat, Shoots & Leaves’ Picasso painting of his muse sadomasochist sex toy.

“La Bella Principessa” hangs in a Swedish museum as a Da Vinci. The dispute goes on. One expert said that there are anatomical errors that Leonardo wouldn’t make. The ex-owner has fingerprint and carbon dating evidence and “Christie’s strongly disagrees with these claims and believes they are without merit.” Draaamaaa. |Guardian|