kill2If Dannez Hunter’s case didn’t pivot so erratically around Jewish conspiracies and such, he may have had a half-valid point about Tarantino plagiarizing a part of his idea. Having read the actual affidavit, it looks like every rational comment is diluted with buckets of crazy.

And now, for some highlights of the actual doc (pdf doc). Here’s where Hunter sounds reasonable, when speaking of similarities between his treatment submitted to Miramax and Kill Bill:

…witnessing her mother’s sadistic murder in a cartoon format, the knife through the mother’s abdomen that went inches away from her face with droplets of blood on her face as she gasped for breath, burning the house down while standing next to the small shrine, Ren becoming the head of Yakuza, the collection of Katana swords, the death touch…

Sure, the complaint is supported by linking to illegally posted YouTube movie clips and Tarantino’s Wikipedia quote of “I steal from every movie ever made,” but it’s not entirely unfeasible. So far.

Why hasn’t Hunter pressed charges before and is acting seven years after the fact? Because…

In light of the nature of the business, and pressures of this world, Plaintiff lost faith in his abilities and unfortunately had an encounter with the LAPD Rampart Division on January 11, 2001. As a result the Plaintiff was incarcerated until March 17, 2006 and could not find out about the Tarantino committing the theft until a year and a half later.

Also: Hunter has a way with narrative analysis:

The Plaintiff asserts and alleges Defendant Tarantino due to discrimination based on Race changed the Ren character who is an African/Japanese to a VILLIAN that is a Chinese/Japanese character, while simultaneously switching the attributes of Ren to the Jewish superhero and hiring less than 1% African-Americans for the production of “Kill Bill.” Thereafter, Tarantino had the Jewish character kill my Japanese/Black character Ren and chopped up her body parts / arms and threw her into a ditch to signify cutting off the arms of the Black author, thus amounting to discrimination based on Race compared to similar situated White Males authors. The Plaintiff asserts Tarantino killed off his Black/Japanese character in order to block Hunter from being able to create other plots based on said character, thus equating to Restraint of Trade.

Apparently the Weinstein brothers left Miramax, closed their offices on Beverly Blvd and “suspiciously took the numbers off the side of the building” all because and only because Hunter was coming out of prison around that time and they wanted to flee from the conflict… and that theory alone makes the unfortunate Dannez Hunter look less than rational.