Dante’s Inferno at Factory Fresh: The Missing ‘Dark Matter’

Amanda Nedham, Dark Matter I Amanda Nedham, Dark Matter II

Despite the hellish NYC heat, the opening of Factory Fresh’s “Among Darkened Woods” drew a large crowd to the Dante’s Inferno-inspired group show. These two works by Amanda Nedham were thwarted by airport customs, but should arrive and be on display by next week.

Take a dive into decay and shadows for paintings, drawings, sculpture and mixed media work by Tim Kent, SHM Kim, Adam Collison, Amanda Nedham, Mary Kate Maher, Monika Zarzeczna and Paul D’Agostino along the way through “a gloomy wood, astray/Gone from the path direct.” “Among Darkened Woods,” Group Show, Jul 8 – Jul 24, Factory Fresh, NYC