David Byrne’s Newest Two Bike Racks Rejected By Bureaucrats

02.04.10 Marina Galperina

cityroom_bikeracks Hats off to the city. You’ve managed to piss off David Byrne, LES’s cycle-lover, art conjurer of all forms and, arguably, eye-candy. Those minimalist-kawaii-esque bike racks we’ve been seeing around were recently almost banished by the very Department of Transportation that commissioned them in the first place, but they decided they want to be cool. So…The Villager doggie, The Chelsea chap and The Olde Time’s Square mud-flap-lady-with-perm are safe, for now, and the allowed year of designy racks is extended.

But the Byrne-dubbed “cultural gatekeepers” decided to reject two of his designs—for whatever reason, the one to be shaped like the New Museum and the bottle of Thunderbird silhouette which they “deemed to be in bad taste.” Lame.