lynchThe final installment in the David Lynch doc project trilogy LYNCHthree is currently in pre-production. Because funding an independent film today is excruciatingly difficult, fans are offered to take part in the crowdfunding campaign and get a limited edition David Lynch self-portrait doodle print, shirt or tote for $50.

The director of LYNCH (one) and LYNCH 2 works with the same creative team on LYNCHthree. Meanwhile, he has been the co-director of Lynch’s Interview Project, a cross-country documentary road trip to interview true American characters/accidental eccentrics, from biker Batso in his CT lair to mind-over-mental-illness Anthony in the South and on.

See the genre-inventing director/master craftsman at work in the teaser for LYNCH 2 below or see the trailer for LYNCH (0ne) for the importance of spider monkeys to see what sort of thing you’d be taking part of and check the LYNCHthree site for more info.