Design Yet to Save the Bees or Humanity

Honey bee extinction is getting worse. Now, there’s a microbe that causes colony collapse disorder, “the mysterious phenomenon characterized by adult bees abandoning the hive.” If that’s a symptom of our collapsing ecosystem, that’s scary. But don’t panic. One way to cope with our impeding doom is trying to save bees with design.

Wouldn’t it be great to bio-hack up a modified species, a bat-hawk-lizard-fish-bug mutant bee that glows? Wouldn’t it be great if it mobilized honey bees with radiowaves to tend to the under-pollinated crops? It would. Too bad that the Beamer Bee isn’t real yet.

Here’s a feasible idea from Oslo: Project Palynopolis sees apiaries, harvesting units and keeper-tended community gardens all along a cross-city river. If you want to host a hive or have a reasonable bee-saving scheme of your own, bring it up at the next NYC Beekeepers Association pow-wow. It should keep you busy until your own species catches something.