Details of the New Apple Tablet Thingie, iSlate, Have Leaked

01.27.10 Cajun Boy

apptabprotg2-605x788 In about 12 hours, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will introduce his newest new revolutionary gadget, the Apple Tablet, or iSlate as many think it’ll be called, which, if the rumors about it are accurate, will make the iPhone and iPod look like the Commodore 64. But now, after months of being shrouded in mystery, details about the device are leaking in advance of Jobs’ personal unveiling, with one blogger who was given the Tablet for beta testing tweeting all about it.

Here’s what Jason Calacanis said about the tablet on Twitter tonight:

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Also, the apple tablet is ..._1264578314825

The price will be 599, 699 ..._1264578370600

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Alleged leaked iSlate photo via Engadget