Dickchicken Poses for Playboy

01.07.10 Will Sherman


Street artist Dickchicken took some time off his cock-faced clucker campaign to let Playboy film his penis. His face fittingly obscured, the anonymous artist also known as Richard Poultry, shared some thoughts on his budding street art career.

“Everyone buffs out my stuff because it to them is offensive … and I mean really, who wants a three-foot dick spray painted on their building?” In response, he works “twice as hard,” a fowl effort that appears to be paying off. He’s already had a solo exhibit showcasing his cartoon character, has fans on flickr, and a completely deranged outlook on his rising street art stardom, actually saying, “I had no idea I would be so quickly put up into the top tiers of the most sought-after graffiti artists in New York.”