Is this a comically odoriferous ode to the classic Drug-Free America “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” spot? It’s via Above The Influence, the website created by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy during W. Bush’s administration. ATI’s preachy commercials have been repeatedly mocked on YouTube, and this one is so idiotic it feels like a parody, too.

Angry Dad’s just talkin’ to a zombie! That’s because the young druggie’s brain did some drugs at that druggie party, and then fell out of his drughead. But his druggie friend found it passed out behind the toilet, cleaned it up (brains are much bloodier than that), made some coffee for it, and returned it on the sly. That’s a good friend. You owe him a dime bag, bro. Seriously, kids are just going to laugh their fucking heads off at this commercial. By NYC agency Vigilante.