Do Teens Still Get Pissed Playing Spin The F*cking Bottle?

02.11.10 Copyranter


I guess W&K London did research for the UK’s Department for Children, Schools and Families before producing this anti-drinking cinema commercial aimed squarely at England’s besotted juvenile delinquents. Interestingly, the spot was shot from the perspective of inside a bottle of vodka.

Uninterestingly, the sombre voiceover lady preaches at the kids like a hypocritical parent. As the bottle spins, we catch glimpses of the Bad Things that can happen to underage imbibers: a car accident, a girl sobbing on a sofa, some other stuff you can’t make out because the bottle is spinning too goddamn fast. It finally lands on a young lass with what looks like a Blackberry in front of her. She was probably tweeting her downward spin into alcohol hell, LOLZ. The previous spot from this new “Why let drink decide?” effort, featuring adorable adolescents imagining their future drunkenness, was much more pleasing, if equally ineffective. |video: adme.ru|