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In December we told you about how Domino’s had decided to listen to the voice of the people, who have been screaming for years that their pizza sucks major ass, and made some changes to it’s classic pizza recipe.

At the time, the company made a big deal about how they were going to be using better, fresher and tastier ingredients throughout every step of the pizza-making process. Well now they’ve released an online short documentary called “The Pizza Turnaround” in which the company portrays itself as, in the words of Alex Blagg, “the Rudy of delivery pizza places because they signed up for Twitter and were stunned to discover that most self-respecting people wouldn’t be comfortable eating their food even if it were free.”

So basically Domino’s is all but admitting that they’ve been serving sub-par shit for the past 50 years, but hey they’re sorry about that and are trying harder now.