Dov Charney Has Already Patted The Robertson To This Video

02.18.10 Copyranter


It’s Pantytime at American Apparel! Yes, their annual sale on unmentionables goes through this Sunday; you’ve probably eyed a web banner ad or two trumpeting it. What you may not have seen is this panty promo video starring Debbie, Danielle, and Kimbra, all probably less than half the age of the 41-year-old AA CEO.

You can even visualize the exact moment at the end of the clip when Dov’s worm probably burped, as the photographer coaxes a seductive “Hey Dov” out of the girls while they all display ass crack through the see-thru undies. Charney, as most of you know, likes to masturbates in front of women, the most famous incident of which was with Jane magazine (RIP) writer Claudine Ko. Said the man:

Masturbation in front of women is underrated. It’s much easier on the woman. She gets to watch, it’s a sensual experience that doesn’t involve a man violating a woman, yet once the man has his release, it’s over and you can talk to the guy.

Below is a previous AA panty video (NSFW) Dov has flogged the dolphin to. With his sales in the shitter these days, he’s probably holding several daily one-man staff meetings.