It would pretty awesome if that was Morris Charney, but it apparently isn’t (here’s a pic of him [scroll down] from 2008). I’m guessing that’s maybe Lovey Dovey’ oldest assembly line worker at his L.A. manufacturing plant. Or it’s just some random constipated man Dov found sitting in a park feeding pigeons. At least he’s not showing ass crack.

This is a fucking trade ad hawking AA’s t-shirt manufacturing model ad that ran last fucking month, according to their press center. Reads the copy:

…we are a socialist-capitalist fusion, looking out for everyone touched by our business practices.

Which includes, I guess, all the AA models touched by one of Dov’s dildos which he reported gives out as partial payment for sessions. Fuck if I know where this ad actually ran. But the word “fuck” does look pretty awesome in Helvetica.