Draw-a-thon’s Michael Alan at Gasser Grunert With Posse

07.08.10 Marina Galperina

If you have never been to Michael Alan’s Draw-a-thon, then you haven’t sketched nude, neon-painted and prop-smothered models stalking around warehouses or stuffed into his Brooklyn studio sink and acting possessed. And you really should, because it’s fun. Meanwhile…

Tonight, Alan’s drawing/video/performance exhibition “Harmonious Opposites” opens at Tanja Grunert and Klemens Gasser. On closing night, July 29th, a six-hour living installation performance, “Cleaning the Clouds” will take place. Bring stuff to draw with. Preview works and peek some Draw-a-thon madness above. “Harmonious Opposites,” Michael Alan, Jul 8 – Jul 29, Gasser Grunert Gallery, NYC