The brief went out Friday for this year’s YouTube Cannes Lions Young Guns ad competition. The challenge: produce a one minute video within 48 hours promoting the WaterAid charity. Ad agencies of course made their slick entries, like this interactive one by Auckland’s .99. But for me, this idiotic, juvenile entry by three European guys actually gets the point across with the, eh, most impact.

Maybe—being an immature man—I’m just a sucker for shit humor. Or maybe, I’ve just seen one too many preachy celebrity dirty water ads. Normally, I’d be against using humor to draw attention to such a serious problem as 2.5 billion people worldwide living without clean water.  But watching some goofball drink his own fake shit put the image of an African kid drinking shitty water in my mind, and made the problem more real. I don’t expect anybody to agree with me. |Video: scary ideas|