Driving Through Hell

08.02.10 Marina Galperina


Russia is on fire. There are fatalities and entire regions have been scorched and destroyed. Here’s footage of volunteers driving directly through the fire to help stranded villagers, full of flames and expletives.

They almost combust, meanwhile their radio is still crinkling with terrible Euro pop and someone takes cellphone pictures while steering around the burning pot holes. Here’s your approximate translation of their dialogue:

Fucked in the mouth!” “Your own mother…” “This is already on fire.” “The horror!” “We need to go back. That tree fucked, it’s tipping over.” “Is the road on fire?” “Well, it would appear as if the road is made from fucking asphalt.” “Careful, careful.” “Fuck, I’m fucked, I don’t know where to go.” “Go! Go! We’re going to make it!” “Wait, no, I can’t.” “Stop. Fuck. Stop. Need to go back.” ‘Onward!” “Are you filming?” ‘Well, yes, I am…” “CAREFUL! CAREFUL! FUCK!” “GET OUT! Idiot, GET OUT! We’re going to burn to shit. CLOSE THE DOOR!” “Let’s go back.” “GET OFF THE ROAD, STUPID BITCH!” “It’s too fucking far.” “IT’S FUCKED OVER THERE!” “Fuuuck… let’s go back.” “GO BACK BITCH!!!” “GO GO GO!!! CLOSE THE WINDOWS!!!” “I can’t see for cock out here.” “Go right!” “There. There.” “That’s it. Let’s go. Steady. Steady.” “Careful.” “STOP! FUCK! STOP!” “Look, that guy left his car.” “Did I just break something off the car? Was that my wheel?” “Oh, fuck that, let’s just get out of here.” “Fuuuuck…” “Those were the pure fires of hell!” “It’s all her fault.” “Something is stuck to the car.” “A branch.” [Collective sigh] “Wow…. fuuuuuck us!”