Epic Beard Man Now Accepting Donations, Letters of Support

Thomas_bruso_illustrationThere’s a few websites hawking Epic Beard Man products, however, they’re not all doing it on behalf of Thomas Bruso according to his de facto publicist, Andrew Yeoman. But he did confirm that a “portion of the proceeds” from t-shirts sold on iamamotherfucker.com, will be donated to the street justice dispenser. Of course there’s always the direct route.

Send him whatever you want, dude’s so gangster, he’s put his address out there:

Thomas Bruso
1720 MacArthur Blvd. Unit 507
Oakland, CA 94602-1777

Full contents of the email from Andrew Yeoman and a signed check by Thomas Bruso as evidence of authenticity below:


This message is to inform you that I met Thomas Brusco, aka Epic Beard Man yesterday. There has been a huge outpouring of support for him and I would like to thank everyone for showing your concern for what he had to go through.

As you probably know there are a ton of new websites selling Epic Beard Man merchandise and various websites that claim to be created as his legal defense fund or a place to send him donations. Tom is not associated with these websites and websites that claim to be made by him and soliciting donations are scams.

The only website that I can confirm has said they will send a portion of the proceeds is

Attached is a picture of a slightly edited voided check Tom gave me. To send a donation to him please ONLY send a check to that address.

For clarity that address is:
Thomas Bruso
1720 MacArthur Blvd. Unit 507
Oakland, CA 94602-1777

I can tell you that interacting with Tom is quite an experience and on public transportation and walking on the street he loves to talk with his fans. I would suggest sending him a short note of why you are writing and include a stamped self addressed envelope so that he can send you a note of appreciation in return. I will mention that thanks to generous donations from his fans he has been able to get the money
he needs to attend his moms funeral.

A couple people have asked about who I am and I’m a San Francisco activist involved with various community organizing groups that do things like help the homeless and charity fundraisers. I’m not associated with anyone selling EBM merchandise and like you wanted to show my concern for what he had to go through with this ordeal.

Last but not least feel free to forward this information along to others. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Andrew Yeoman