The Visible Vagina Exhibit

Francis M. Naumann Fine Art and David Nolan Gallery present “The Visible Vagina,” a survey course in the muff fine arts. While not as taboo as it wants to be, the current exhibit aims to remove both the forced modesty of the fig leaf and the porn-for-men context tendency in girlie-parts imagery. Featuring labial abstractions and close-ups in a variety of medium – from delicate brass-and-thread collage to psychedelic acrylics to pricey doodle — the show promises to deliver you into the rosy folds of feminist wisdom and artistic wonder. Includes at least one scared penis and vaginal contributions from Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Hans Bellmer and others. Click below to see the very NSFW preview of the work.

“The Visible Vagina,” January 28 — March 20, Francis M. Naumann Fine Art (24 West 57th St) and David Nolan Gallery (527 West 29th St) concurrently