Brazil—muitos alcoólicos, apparently! This scary cut out the eyes and paste campaign via JWT Brazil features the headline: “You can’t see. But those you love can.” Will looking closer at these three badly retouched eye-deas (sorry) bring some clarity?

(Click ads) First, drunk, cut-in-half boyfriend has broken the eye hearts of his sad girlfriend and turned her into a ghost. Or an albino. In fact, your excessive drinking turns everyone you love into eyeless ghost-albinos. Pale skin must scare the hell out of the perpetually-tanned Brazilians. Next, hubby’s drunk auto accident at the bridge of his wife’s nose has taken out her peepers. And lastly, shitfaced daddy is belt-whipping his boy, as drawn by the boy in his own now empty eye holes. The body copy translate to: “Find out about the 12 steps program, that saved already hundreds of lives. Help yourself to help those you love.” Any questions? Sorry, I don’t have any answers. I need to go get blind drunk for lunch. |Images: osocio|