JoshMccutchen_art Pufferella

Factory Fresh reopens on February 12th with two exhibits. Hit the back room for Josh McCutchen’s “Polymetrochromanticism.” The former MTVU “Does This Look Infected” host and current Renaissance-man of the Josh McCutchen show (peep him making out with an eldery hetero who hobbled into the Gay Pride Parade… and more) will have his debut show at Factory Fresh. Paintings feature “polymorphic shapes and urban landscapes” via gentle mindfuck by colorful humanoid-blobs. Concurrently, the front-side will host Pufferella‘s “i know u are but what am i,” promising a “magical” “circus,” all new fabric creations on “sexual relations and the afterthoughts”  and whatever “Rides and Amusement provided by her friends Skewville and Plaztik mag” entails (sounds hot). Opening night show is 7-10pm.

“Polymetrochromanticism” and “i know u are but what am i,” Feb 12 – Feb 21, Factory Fresh, 1053 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn